Retired, but not rusty at all

If you have retired, it does not mean that you are on the scrap heap. This is what we believe in here at kopp engineering and we have made positive experiences with reactivating unused competencies for the business world. More and more people are interested in further contributing themselves and their knowledge to the professional world, based on project work. It is urgently needed there.

An example: a 67 years old construction engineer keeps supporting his company after having officially retired on one to two days a week by supervising, coordinating and evaluating several construction projects. This is a beneficial arrangement for employers and employees alike.

These co-operations come about via the personnel service provider kopp and its subsidiary kopp engineering, who specialise in placing managers and specialist workers in project-based work.

"It is our aim to offer concrete solutions to companies regarding personnel", says Matthias Kopp, owner of the middle-sized group of companies. "Here, it is helpful to leave well-trodden paths and to establish new models." Placing retirees who have a big pool of competencies and who are happy to further contribute their knowledge in interesting positions, is an appropriate way for the kopp group to balance supply and demand and to quickly and easily fill vacancies. For both sides - company as well as candidate - this is an attractive financial opportunity.

At kopp engineering, we are happy to receive your unsolicited application.